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Are your customers really listening?

introBrain-Friendly content generates up to 4X more response than traditional content. Studio B crafts high-quality content to help you:

  • increase sales;
  • turn prospects into buyers;
  • strengthen business relationships.

We specialize in creating Web site content, white papers, case studies, articles, training, documentation, books, videos, and slide presentations for high technology companies. Using our proprietary tools, we’ll fuel your marketing campaigns and programs with high-value content that will motivate, inspire, and captivate your customers.

You’ll Benefit from 14 Years of Success

You need to attract and inspire customers, and you’re convinced that your content could be significantly improved.

You need a content partner that can help you look at your total content plan, identify your strengths and opportunities, and then help you roll out a steady stream of high-quality content in just the right format.

You could build this plan and generate content on your own, but you know that you need something more to really take your content to the next level.

Since 1995, Studio B has pioneered a new approach to creating high-quality technical content. We’ve worked with the world’s top technology companies on their most important product launches and marketing initiatives, and we’ve worked with top technology publishers to help them publish best-selling trade books.

Will your company be the next organization on our list of successes?

How can you get more out of your content?

To increase Web site traffic, generate more sales leads, and support your customers, you must understand your customers’ pain points. Although you may have certain things you want to say to your customers, customers want answers to the questions that matter to them.

Whether we’re creating just a few articles for you or building an entire plan, our first concern is to make sure that your content is highly engaging. By positioning your content to answer customers’ burning questions, you will definitely see much better results from your investment.

What Can Studio B Do for You?

Studio B is your content expert. We can help you figure out what to create, and we have the staff to deliver both the quality and the quantity of content you need. Most importantly, with our content, you’ll be able to better engage your customers.

Let’s Talk About Your Content Plans and How You Can Get More from Your Content